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5 Things to do for Better Health

1. Get sunlight as soon as possible when you wake up (10mins minimum, 30mins if its cloudy)

2. get sleep on track

3. weight training(45mins) AND cardio, 3x/week4. get a stress control tool (e.g. double inhale through the nose then release)

5. cold showers (1-3 mins then switch back to hot if needed)

[Bonus] Wait 90 minutes after waking to have caffeine (because cortisol levels are highest when you wake up) & Stay out of toxic relationships

*thanks to MGM for making the list on the video comments.

Stanford University Neuroscientist Dr Andrew D. Huberman joins Andrew Schulz and Flagrant to reveal the 5 things everyone should do to as part of his billion dollar morning routine to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

Check it out:

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