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Build a strong Neck

Today was Pull Day. I started with Deadlifts, then some rows and lat pulldowns.

I like to finish the workout with neck exercises and I always get weird looks and sometimes worried some douche will video record me an post on the internet as "this dude has no idea how to workout" or something along those lines.

I think the weakest links for both men and women are the mid section (lower back and abs) and the neck. I remember Louie Simmons once said: "Strong Back = Strong Man (or woman)". And I think the same thing applies to the neck. It helps so much with posture now that we are constantly on our phone looking down, we are slowly becoming hunchbacks (not sexy at all). Also to have a strong neck helps in a car crash or you fall ... Strong is always better.

Here's a video of Dr. Andrew Huberman with Tim Ferris on How to Build a Strong Neck:

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