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Phone Addiction

I hate to admitted but I waste so much time on my phone.

Looking through great and beautiful pictures on instagram,

or videos about sales, motivational, conspiracies, news ...

It all started while drinking coffee in the mornings,

post something for my business and then see what's up.

After 2 cups of coffee, nothing has been done.

Maybe I grabbed a good idea and it was saved but will never use.

I started implementing the no phone with coffee rule:

"Coffee is for readers, not watching social media."

Now I grab a coffee and my 3 books and get reading.

It doesn't always work and I fall into my default of getting coffee and

spending half a day on my phone. No Bueno.

So I implemented another hurtle: Log off from social media or deleted.

Still it works half the time, that is how I know I am super addicted to my phone.

Here are a couple of videos to help you with your smartphone addiction:

Get your atomic book here:

Good luck!

Be patient with yourself.

Replace your bad habits for good habits.

Get some discipline and take extreme ownership of your actions.

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