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The Importance of Gelatin

It's have been a year sine I started adding gelatin to my protein shakes and it's awesome.

Last year after finishing my workout, I went to the sauna to get my 15 minutes in.

While sitting there I started a conversation with an old man and somehow ended talking about aging, aches and pains. During our talk I described how my right knee was aching after doing some squats, it was in the front of the knee that I notice a slight pain.

He recommended supplementing with gelatin. I went online and ordered a grass fed beef gelatin. It is awesome and amazing how after consuming it daily the pain slowly disappear.

There is a ton of good benefits of consuming gelatin but for me it was for joint health.

Try it!

You can put it on your protein shakes or smoothies or even make some cookies.

This is the one I have been eating:

It is tasteless so you don't have to worry about a beefy taste.

This is one good healthy habit for looking and feeling great.

Check out the video from Healthline for more benefits.

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