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You are what you think about most of the time

I love this lecture from Earl Nightingale.

I like reading books because I can't get distracted from news or pop up messages like on a cell phone, you are focused on reading one subject at a time.

I recently realized my addiction to social media and I notice not being so positive or happy, even though I don't watch news I notice them filtering through my algorithm. It comes in a form of conspiracy theories and podcasts talking about the end of the world basically, as far as I know the apocalypse already started, the government is 100% corrupt, the elite control the world, Blackrock and Vanguard control all the businesses, big pharma wants money not health ... on and on and on.

Now you can see why I wasn't so positive.

So, I decided to limit myself on social media and unsubscribe, unfollow or delete any accounts that want to impregnate bad thoughts.

So it is Very Important to pay attention on what you are thinking about.

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